What Our Customers Say

We take tremendous pride in the reputation that we have built. We constantly strive to improve our product and our customer service to keep our customers coming back for more. The proof is in our reviews. Below are a few of our favorites, and you can see what everyone has to say on our BBB and our Facebook pages.


"From initial website discovery to payoff payment - the experience was outstanding. As painless as you can imagine, I was provided a quality product and an understandable contract. Utilized the same-as-cash policy they have to payoff. The staff is always there for you, I swear I bothered them so much but every time I was provided quality service. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again in the future - they're good people with a good product."

Alec J.

 "Excellent computer, fair pricing, and outstanding service. This was my son's first computer that was not a hand me down and No Compromise Gaming worked with me to ensure it was the best machine we could put together. Had a hardware malfunction with the first tower they sent me but the bent over backwards to ensure that the problem was resolved immediately. I will be a customer for life and recommend them highly."

Brian R.

"Very pleased with this company. I've used other rent to own companies (fee-a-center) and NCG is by far the best. The laptop we received is of good quality and very affordable on our budget. Not to mention the staff are very friendly and willing to work with you. I'll definitely recommend them to anyone."

Jason J.

"This company is amazing. It's an amazing option for those who can't afford a gaming PC outright, and those that have no credit. They worked with me every step of the way. The computer has worked flawlessly. I haven't had single problem since I've had the computer. I just paid off my PC today and plan on renting from NCG in the future."

Michael S.

"Exceptional Customer Service. Purchased 3 laptops (Level 1, 4 and 5) and each of them work perfectly, our Level 5 is over 3 year old and still works like it's brand new. We paid for all of them with the 90 day same as cash option. Tech support helps you solve your issue in a timely manner and they are very knowledgeable."

Danielle M.

"Time flies when you having fun. That's just what happened. While enjoying my Modified level 5 system the payments just flew by. Currently able to play anything under the sun (to include a few early access poorly optimized games). Money well spent. If you don't have the money to throw at a new system all at once then these guys are the way to go. Would do it again (if only my system wasn't such a beast "

Duane S.

"Absolutely love my level 3 laptop. Im glad there are companies like this working with people that dont have credit. This laptop is not only powerful but it stays cool and quiet. Was scared to run my games on max settings but this device handles all of it without a single flicker. Keep up the good work"

Shane D.