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We take a lot of pride in our reputation for providing high quality gaming PC's and accessories. Customers love our up-front, transparent pricing as well as our excellent support. Here is what some of our happy customers have to say about us, but you don't have to take our word for it - check out what others have to say about us on the Better Business Bureau or on our Facebook page

"From initial website discovery to payoff payment - the experience was outstanding. As painless as you can imagine, I was provided a quality product and an understandable contract. Utilized the same-as-cash policy they have to payoff. The staff is always there for you, I swear I bothered them so much but every time I was provided quality service. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again in the future - they're good people with a good product." -- Alec J, BBB Review

"4 Leases over 4 years with these guys, always worked with me when I had to miss payments and always very prompt. Finished out my 4 leases and now own all the equipment I've had leased. Couldn't recommend them enough." -- Quentin R, Facebook Review

"I have bought 2 computers, 2 monitors, and much more from No Compromise gaming. I will always back them and give them the best word to anyone who asks about them. Brady and the rest of the staff is always helpful. If you want a high quality computer with amazing support go with them!" -- Brandon C, Facebook Review

"Highly recommended. Laptops are good build quality and lease terms very reasonable. I've leased laptops and desktops from them. I wanted a pc strong enough for VR and didn't have 2 grand to dish out immediately. Fortunately I came across No Compromise Gaming." -- Kenneth C., Facebook Review

"This company has been FANTASTIC with me. Anytime I have ever had a question, I got an answer that same day. I am really thankful to these people actually. They are willing to work with me and provide top notch equipment. SOO helpful for those of us who cant afford thousands for a system all at once. I do plan on getting another system as soon as this one is paid off, And would definitely recommend this company to anyone. Thanks a million Brady." -- Wilmer S, BBB Review

"I found these guys looking for rent to own gaming computers. Every single one except No Compromise Gaming rejected me because I didn't make 25k a year. These guys will take your income and give you a spending limit which works amazing, you won't overspend on monthly rates because its tuned to your income, and they have top quality parts. I have been using my PC for 3 weeks now and am awed with the performance. I am able to play every game in my steam library, from XCom to Mortal Combat X and even MMO's all on max graphics with their tier 1 build. The computer shipped faster than their estimate and its ready to go almost out of the box. The customer service is very friendly as well...."-- Matthew S, Facebook Review

"Just finished paying off the product and couldn’t be happier! The computer works great and runs smooth. All games I play on Max settings. It’s been a pleasure. Good job all the way around. The one issue I had installing a game was handled quickly by their customer service person. Thank you so much!" -- Michael N, Facebook Review

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