Online Application Terms & Conditions

Bearington Holdings, LLC

DBA No Compromise Gaming

830 Fesslers Pkwy STE 110

Nashville, TN 37210

Terms of Service for Application v1.2

These Terms of Service apply to the relationship between No Compromise Gaming and a potential customer who has submitted an application via an automated application process but not yet signed an agreement.

This application is for a lease agreement with No Compromise Gaming for the selected product configuration(s) or for a product to be determined at a later date. By submitting the application, I represent that I am signing the application electronically, and that my electronic signature is the equivalent of my written signature on the application. I hereby certify that all information I have provided is true, correct, and complete. 

I acknowledge as follows: (1) any product configuration I have selected is subject to review by No Compromise Gaming and, if a selected configuration is not practicable, the configuration will be changed with my approval; (2) approval of my application may be revoked in the event of system error or other technical issue, if the phone number I have provided is disconnected or otherwise unreachable, or if No Compromise Gaming suspects identify theft or other fraud; (3) approval of my application may be withheld or revoked if the address I have provided matches the address of any previous or current customer of No Compromise Gaming who is in bad standing; (4) if I am a current customer of No Compromise Gaming, approval of my application is subject to No Compromise Gaming’s policy on lease amount limits; (5) No Compromise Gaming reserves the right to require proof of income and identity at its discretion and, if such proof is required, approval of the application is contingent upon such proof; and (6) No Compromise Gaming reserves the right to process all applications through one or multiple credit reporting agencies and/or to monitor these agencies throughout the term of the lease agreement, and its credit decision may be based in whole or in part on information obtained in a report from these reporting agencies in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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